Are You Getting the Most Value Out of Your IT Spend?

May 19, 2020

As businesses restart after COVID-19, most are faced with smaller 2020 budgets due to lost revenue or increased costs. In order to make the difficult decision of what to cut or how to gain efficiencies, an IT Assessment can help answer these questions. When we meet with clients, they often ask why Dewpoint recommends an assessment as a first step. The answer is simple…your organization is unique. Each company has different technologies, skill sets, business objectives and financial constraints. 

How We Dew It

Dewpoint does not take a “one size fits all approach” in performing IT Assessments, but rather we tailor the assessment to meet your current and future goals and objectives. Our assessment takes a holistic approach examining the many facets of your organization’s people, processes and technology.  We apply our IT experience in conjunction with industry best practices to provide a detailed roadmap in priority order to achieve the results you are seeking. In addition, Dewpoint consultants propose value added recommendations to consider based on changing priorities or landscape.

Areas Reviewed

Although our assessments are customized to your needs, areas of review may include the following: business or IT strategy, people including organization structure, skill sets and staffing strategies, processes such as the use of ITIL (change, incident, problem, configuration, etc.), compliance (HIPPA, CJIS, etc.) and DevOps, and applicable technology areas (cloud, compute, network, security, applications, automation and tools).

Value to Your Organization

Ultimately, our goal is to provide the most value for your business. As part of the assessment, Dewpoint provides a gap analysis of where your business is today compared to your future goals and objectives. Based on the gap analysis, our consultants develop a roadmap with priorities and estimated time and cost to implement the recommendation. 

Why Dewpoint

We view an assessment as a valuable tool to identify our customer’s pain points. We’re so confident of the value, Dewpoint offers a free consultation as the first step to help you gain efficiencies. Unlike some vendors who use assessments as a revenue generator, Dewpoint views assessments as an excellent way to build customer relationships by helping our customers understand their environment to make the “right” decisions.

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