Want to learn more about Cloud Native Architecture and Kubernetes?

March 31, 2022


Join the Capital Area IT Council Software Development Peer Group Meeting on April 14th

Containers represent the next generation of virtualization for IT infrastructure. Kubernetes and Docker make containers mainstream and serve as the foundations for more Cloud-Native Architectures. Our panel of experts introduces key concepts and uses of container technology.

Learn Key Concepts

The meeting presented by Dewpoint professionals focuses on three main topic areas:

  • General overview – discussion of containers and why they are an essential step in the evolution of IT infrastructure

  • Learning environment – short talk from a Dewpoint senior developer on what it was like to learn Kubernetes, including a demonstration of a learning environment

  • Case study – example from a recent project completed for a Dewpoint client using Azure application services and docker containers

Meet the Dewpoint team

Dewpoint speakers include Chris Weiss, Chief Technology Officer, Benjamin Hobbs, Software Engineer, and David Gruner, IT Specialist. Each has in-depth experience in the IT industry, emphasizing application development throughout their careers. They will be available to answer your specific questions regarding the discussion topic, other IT application software, or IT in general questions. The team has worked for various clients, including state and local government, small and mid-size businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.

How do I register?

Click here to register for the event or find out more about the Capital Area IT Council. To start a discussion on how Dewpoint can help you implement container technology or talk with one of our experts, click here.

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