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Why it’s a Good Time for Mid-size Enterprises to Perform an IT Evaluation

March 24, 2022

Prioritizing Your Competing Needs

Ransomware attacks, the ‘great resignation,’ managing technical debt, and reducing risk are critical issues facing today’s mid-size enterprises (MSE). As a leader, you are expected to have the solutions to all of these issues. Maybe it’s time to perform an overall assessment of your organization and IT practices. An evaluation can help you focus on implementing recommendations that have a high-value impact and solve some of today’s problems. An ‘outsider’ view of your enterprise makes sure everyone understands the current state of your organization (based on data) and ways to improve.  

Key Focus Areas

An IT evaluation can cover all aspects of your IT organization or focus on a specific area or a combination of areas, such as:


Reviews your structure, processes, and communication. If you currently do not have a governance model in place, we have recommendations on implementing one and the benefits.


Customized to your enterprise’s framework or general review of your enterprise’s overall cybersecurity policies and processes to reduce risk and increase resilience and privacy. As a CMMC Registered Provider Organization, Dewpoint can help you prepare for your CMMC certified assessment. We also have CMMC Registered Practitioners. If CMMC does not apply to your enterprise, we can use the NIST cybersecurity framework to compare your controls against the industry standards.


Determines which applications to retire, upgrade, re-train, or maintain to increase business satisfaction and cost savings. 


A snapshot of your infrastructure, including your network, asset management, storage, servers, disaster recovery, hosting, and overall operations.  


Examines if you have the right staff with the right skills. Organizations often have outgrown their talent, or the current talent needs additional training to keep abreast of technology changes.  

If the IT evaluation focuses on a specific area, the others are typically examined at a high level since they may impact the area reviewed.  

Getting the Most out of Your Assessment

Choosing a vendor with a proven methodology and subject matter experts (SMEs) is the first step in ensuring you get the most out of the evaluation. Most importantly, will the assessment help you improve your organization resulting in achieving your goals? Using a defined, proven methodology will reduce the assessment time, quickly identify critical areas, lessen the impact to your team for input and guarantee clear and open communication with you throughout the process. 

Our assessments start with listening to you. We map the current state of operations to identify gaps to reach your future state. Our professionals bring expertise and certifications in cybersecurity, applications, infrastructure, network, and organizational change management and project management for a comprehensive view. Furthermore, we developed defined questionnaires to facilitate data gathering and analysis. 

In all of our assessments, the final step is providing a comprehensive, prioritized finding and recommending report. In addition, Dewpoint provides a report review with your key stakeholders to answer any questions on our findings and further clarify the recommendations.

What Happens After the Assessment?

As an IT leader, you have a critical role in spearheading the changes based on your enterprise’s goals and objectives, available budget, and overall priorities. The evaluation report provides prioritized recommendations, including approximate cost and time to implement. If you need help with implementation, Dewpoint has the experts available on a fixed-price project or a time and material basis to work with your team. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you on your road to improvement.

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