Why Perform Wireless Wi-Fi Heat Mapping?

February 17, 2023

Getting the best Wi-Fi Performance

Are your users experiencing “dead” zones or weak Wi-Fi signals? Are you in the process of moving to a new location or changing your building footprint? Do you have “noisy” neighbors that may interfere with your Wi-Fi signal? A Wi-Fi heat map is a simple way to visualize the coverage of your network and access points. It visually represents your wireless strength and range, giving visibility of your wireless coverage, including where your signal is strongest and weakest.

What is interfering with Your Wi-Fi?

Several factors can interfere with the signal. It could be the presence of physical objects, like walls, or non-physical things, like wireless devices emitting frequencies on the same wavelength. The most common issues interfering with your Wi-Fi signal strength include walls, doors, furniture, ceilings, drywall, wireless radios, microwaves, and neighboring Wi-Fi networks. Such interferences can cause speed problems, dropouts, and entire dead zones. A Wi-Fi heat map is a simple solution to this problem, providing an easy-to-understand color-coded map.

Value of Conducting a Wi-Fi heat map

Performing a Wi-Fi heat map can help you:

  • Identify Wi-Fi dead zones
  • Eradicate slow Wi-Fi speeds
  • Take the guesswork out of setting up a wireless network
  • Give you access to reports and images, which you can hand over to upper management
  • Automate Wi-Fi network evaluations

If you are redesigning or moving into a new building, conducting a heat map analysis takes your business requirements for wireless connectivity. It combines them with real-world environmental factors like your floor plan and wall materials to create a Wi-Fi design perfectly tuned to your needs. You’ll get the correct number of access points in the best locations and with the proper configuration for incredible Wi-Fi performance and reliability.

Wi-Fi site surveys are used to test predictive wireless designs before deploying a network and verifying that changes or additions are installed correctly and that the network continues to be fast and reliable for its users and applications.

Our Approach to Wi-Fi Heat Mapping

Dewpoint utilizes Ekahau products, considered the gold standard for wireless Wi-Fi assessments, including the recently FCC-approved 6 GHz band for wireless networks. Our Ekahau-certified personnel quickly conduct your analysis using the Ekahau Sidekick 2 Wi-Fi measurement device. The Sidekick 2 is the fastest, most advanced Wi-Fi performance testing and measurement device, lab calibrated to deliver pinpoint accuracy for reliable and repeatable Wi-Fi signal and spectrum data capture. Dewpoint provides an easy-to-read heat map and analysis report that accurately corresponds to your environment. Contact us today to identify and address Wi-Fi issues before they lead to costly outages.  

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