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Have you taken the leap?

Realize the benefits of Agile faster from working with Dewpoint.


In order to “Be Agile” an organization needs to think Agile. Agile thinking includes thoughts and beliefs making us “adaptable” and “collaborative”. An Agile Mindset includes communication and collaboration styles that are transparent. It’s an innovative style of communication including teamwork and being open to other ways of thinking, continuing to learn and evolve. Dewpoint has the experts to assist your organization regardless of where you are in adopting the agile mindset.

Agile Services


(Identify Gaps)

If your organization is not gaining benefits from implementing agile, it may be time to engage an outside consultant to review your practices and processes and provide actionable recommendations. 

ASSESS (Identify Gaps) -p3
Transform (Drive Results) - P3


(Instill discipline practices)

Agile doesn’t just happen, it requires discipline to transform the organization.  That is where Dewpoint can help, by working in conjunction with your team to help your organization embrace agile.


(Ensure your organization is all on the same page)

Regardless if you need a Scrum Master, Project Owner or Agile team training, Dewpoint has certified consultants with real world experience. 

Train/Coach (Increase Your Staff’s Productivity) - P3
Operate (Help Meeting Critical Deadlines) - P3


(Support for your agile journey)

We have a team of agile consultants who can assist in running and executing product development.  Dewpoint offers flexible sourcing models ranging from individual consultants to managed services (as-a-service) to move from project to product.