Case Study | 2022

Bradhart Products Achieves Data Security With Tier III Data Center

Managed Hosting Services


Bradhart Products is a Michigan-based manufacturing company that distinguishes itself as a full-service CNC machining specialist, offering precision machining and value-added services to meet demanding client needs.


Bradhart faced a risk of potential data loss and business interruption due to their physical production server environment being on-premises at their manufacturing facility.


Dewpoint successfully migrated Bradhart’s compute environment into a hosted Tier III Uptime Institute-designed certified data center. Dewpoint is Bradhart’s Managed Hosting Services partner, responsible for monitoring their environment, patching hosts, proactively addressing issues, and performing storage, backup, and recovery duties.


Improved Disaster Recovery Capabilities – reduced Bradhart’s business risk of data loss

  • Servers are in a secure environment that meets the stringent requirements defined by Uptime Institute
  • The Dewpoint team maintains Bradhart’s server environment, provides 24×7 system monitoring, and keeps vendor patching up-to-date to reduce security risks

Hosting Expertise – vast technical expertise and skillsets

The Dewpoint team has the experience and certifications to manage the hosting environment effectively and maintains current knowledge of leading monitoring, backup, and recovery solutions.

We are proud to have Bradhart as a client since 2016.

Key Statistics

“Dewpoint is more than a supplier, they are an extension of our business and ensure a secure, robust and scalable IT environment to handle our strict needs and growth, which OUR customers demand in today’s high-tech business environment.”

Steve Thiele, President, Bradhart Products, Inc.

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