Do You Know Your IT Needs?

September 15, 2022

Need help setting your IT Priorities?

Are you sure you are focusing on the right initiatives? With new technology, escalated cybersecurity threats, and continued IT employee turnover, you must prioritize investments to ensure your organization is competitive in the digital economy. Now is the perfect time to conduct an IT assessment to determine your priorities, streamline your IT operations, and ensure your systems are safe and secure. 

What does an IT assessment provide?

Sometimes, it takes an “outsider” view to move you forward on your IT journey. An IT assessment provides that and more. It gives you a baseline to work from and identifies opportunities to improve your current state. 

  • Infrastructure – A review can encompass all aspects of your environment, such as network, server, storage, hosting, and overall operations, or concentrate on a specific problem area. The focus is on helping you get the most out of your technology investments and identifying options available to gain efficiencies or increase security.    
  • Cybersecurity – A comparison against the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Security Controls Version 8. This newest version of the Controls was enhanced to keep up with evolving technology, threats, and the workplace. Version 8 includes cloud and mobile technologies and service provider management (guides managing cloud services) controls. Comparing the CIS controls against your environment offers a quick security snapshot and helps prioritize efforts to increase your IT security. 
  • IT Personnel – Do you have the right mix of technical personnel? How does your organization stack up against industry standards? You may have the correct number of staff, but are they focused on the right priorities, and do they have the right skills? An assessment can answer all those questions and recommend hiring, reorganizing, or retraining if needed. 
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity – An evaluation of your current disaster recovery plan and business continuity plan to ensure they are relevant and contain the components to execute if a disaster occurs. For example, how often is the plan reviewed, and do you regularly run tabletop exercises? 
  • Software Licenses –  Is your organization overspending on software licenses? Do you have enough licenses for everyone in your organization? An analysis of your software licenses, comparing purchases against current license counts, can help you save costs or avoid penalties for misuse of licenses.

How to Get Started

Dewpoint has certified IT professionals who apply a consistently proven methodology to perform IT assessments. We work with you to identify whether a full IT assessment or an evaluation of a specific area like Cybersecurity would be best. Either way, you receive a clear, concise findings report and actionable recommendations roadmap to move you forward on your IT journey.  

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