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Do You Need to Reduce Your Cybersecurity Risk?

Prepare Today to Stop Tomorrow’s Security Attack

What does the Independent Cybersecurity Assessments for Local Public Entities in Michigan provide?

The State of Michigan through the Michigan Cyber Partners issued a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) to pre-qualify vendors to provide an independent cybersecurity assessment for local public entities.  Local public entities can contract directly with a vendor through the MIDEAL program providing a streamlined and cost-effective approach to address your current cybersecurity needs including an engagement throughout the contract term to guide the improvement of your cybersecurity posture.  As a pre-approved vendor, Dewpoint provides the full range of cybersecurity services including assessment, planning, and coaching services aligned with CIS controls.

Why does Your Entity Need an Independent Cybersecurity Assessment?

Ransomware, system vulnerabilities, and data breaches targeting and exploiting employees are ever present.  An independent assessment can identify areas of weakness and categorize the risk so you can address and implement the recommendations for those highest risk items.  A hacking attempt is not a matter of “if it will occur” but “when it will occur” and your entities’ ability to address and minimize the exposure of your internal and constituent’s data. Since hackers are consistently trying new ways to gain access, having a security partner throughout the year to keep abreast of changes in the threat landscape and advise how to address the threats will improve your security posture.

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Six Ways We Can Assist

On-site cybersecurity assessment guided by Dewpoint with input from the local public entities staff using the CIS Controls Self-Assessment Tool (CSAT).

Concise, current-state report (based on CSAT) provided to the local public entity’s leadership identifying the overall assessment results including most important vulnerabilities and recommended next steps.

Annual Cybersecurity Improvement Plan identifying priority actions to complete in the coming 12 months and other priority activities having a longer lead time.

Review and verify your entity has an effective basic cyber incident response plan

Hold a monthly one-hour telephone/online or in-person consultation to provide ongoing coaching and consulting regarding understanding of and implementation of cybersecurity improvements.

Provide an end-of-year assessment update using CSAT, identifying progress made towards improving priority items identified in initial assessment and items remaining to be addressed.

How Can Dewpoint Help?

We take a holistic view of your environment to assess your security posture and make recommendations. Our security consultants are certified in their area of expertise and understand the ever-changing cybersecurity environment. Dewpoint conducts assessments and provides recommendations based on people, process, and technology. We work as your cybersecurity partner to protect your entity so you can focus on serving your constituents.

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