Case Study | 2023

Dean Transportation Deploys Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Migration


The Dean Transportation IT team managed their on-premise O365 environment and engaged Dewpoint to architect, engineer, and manage the Exchange Online infrastructure migration.


Dean Transportation requested Dewpoint to deploy Azure M365, conduct migration activities from on-premises MS Exchange to Azure M365 for approximately 350 users, and decommission the on-premises Exchange environment. Deployment scope included email.
The team had to work closely with our client to address an unforeseen networking issue related to using its Solar Winds infrastructure as a spam filter. The Dewpoint team addressed the issue by establishing Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) policy configurations as the mail routing solution. The Dewpoint team identified the on-premise Exchange environment needed to be patched for the migration to be successful. Both unplanned events were handled gracefully with minimal end-user impact.


The Dewpoint Team configured the infrastructure, application, processes, and other design aspects aligned with Dean Transportation’s infrastructure requirements. The following activities took place during this phase:

    • • Configure prerequisites defined in the planning phase (Azure AD Tenant settings, Azure AD


    • Connect, etc.)


    • • Coordinate any required changes to network and security firewalls with Dean Transportation


    • • Configure Exchange Hybrid mode


    • • Perform testing and pre-pilot testing for readiness


    • • Pre-stage mailboxes as appropriate


    • • Ensure MS MFA is functioning appropriately


    • • Establish security and compliance center policies


    • − ATP


    − EOP


Successful migration of tasks consisting of the following:

    • • Setup Native Tools


    • • Establish Exchange Transport Rules


    • • Setup replication of User Accounts, mailboxes, and groups


    • • Institute policies


    • • Deploy Office 365 mail


    • • Perform EUA testing and Validation


    • • Decommission on-premises Exchange servers


    • • Modernize the remaining Management Server


    • Develop Documentation and Architectural Diagrams and distribute

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