How AI Can Help Achieve CMMC Compliance

August 8, 2023

The Standard for Protection

CMMC compliance is vital in protecting the national security information shared between the Department of Defense and its contractors. CMMC’s clear framework for security ensures that contractors can meet the legal requirements to protect sensitive information and therefore be trusted by the Department of Defense. As the threat of cybersecurity attacks increases, CMMC’s requirements help ensure contractors are prepared and protected. Meeting those requirements, however, can be challenging for organizations. 

CMMC Compliance Challenges


Depending on the size and complexity of the organization, the cost of meeting compliance requirements can be very expensive. 


As an organization progresses up the levels of CMMC compliance, the requirements grow increasingly complex to reflect the sensitivity of the Controlled Unclassified Information they handle. For instance, Level 3 compliance requires the most comprehensive controls, such as threat hunting, continuous monitoring, and risk management. 


The staff, expertise, and technology resources required to achieve compliance can be difficult for organizations to acquire and maintain. 


The DoD has not yet released all of the guidance on CMMC compliance, making it difficult for organizations to know what exactly they need to do.

How AI Can Benefit CMMC Compliance

Automating Compliance Tasks

AI can automate many CMMC compliance tasks, such as scanning for vulnerabilities, threat monitoring, and generating reports. It can also help ensure compliance processes are followed. With these processes taken care of, human resources are freed to focus on more valuable tasks. 

Identifying and Mitigating Risks

AI can identify and mitigate risks to CMMC compliance, including analyzing large amounts of data to identify behavior patterns that may indicate a security risk. AI can also develop models predicting the likelihood of a security breach. 

Improving Compliance Training

AI can create more effective compliance training programs. It can personalize training content to employees’ individual needs, track their training progress, and identify additional training opportunities. 

Enhancing Communication and Compliance

AI can enhance communication and collaboration between different teams within an organization. It can create a central repository for compliance-related information, helping to ensure everyone in the organization has access to the same information, which helps facilitate communication. 

Your Guide to Compliance

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