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Ensuring Reliability, Performance and Security


It’s all about being fast and smart at the exact same time.

simplify your infrastructure

Dewpoint offerings range from appraising your up-to-date environment to managing your hosting services from top to bottom. We can also simplify your infrastructure to guarantee business continuity, propel agility and growth, and keep your assets protected.


(Identifying Gaps)

With our staff of technical specialists, we can quickly address your needs to accurately define the best infrastructure solution to align with your budget and meet your business goals.

Identify Gaps - Infrastructure
Cloud Migration (Ensure Success)

Cloud Migration

(Guaranteeing Success)

We work closely with you to fully understand every aspect of your business objectives, budget and timeline. This helps relieve any stress by helping you select the perfect cloud for your organization. Our tech pros have successfully helped numerous clients migrate to the cloud with minimal disruption by applying invaluable real-life digital experiences.

Hosting/Infrastructure as a Service

(Employing Trusted Solutions)

If you’re tired of trying to maintain or update your data center, Dewpoint can provide complete hosting solutions tailored to meet your requirements in either your data center or in our Michigan-based Tier III Uptime Institute Certified Designed data center.

Managed (Gain End to End Support)


(Gaining End to End Support)

Security, reliability and predictable costs are just three of the benefits your team can attain by using our managed services. We offer scalable alternatives to meet the needs of organizations of any size. We deliver in-depth knowledge of best practices, offer best-of-breed technology, reduction in capital outlay, and enhanced levels of service.


(Ensuring Secure Data)

Knowing your data is secure, regularly backed up, and accessible if recovery is needed, will give you peace of mind. We also offer cost efficient choices to satisfy your budget.

Backup/Recovery (Ensure Secure Data)