Making Your Journey to Agile a Success

Making Your Journey to Agile a Success

October 15, 2019

Moving to Agile is no “magic bullet” and requires an organizational transformation across both business and technology.  Adopting both ‘Lean’ and ‘Agile’ thinking is critical to moving to an adaptive and collaborative environment.  If the organization is not fully ready and committed to the journey, the move to Agile can result in failure.  If you are embarking on your Agile journey or have not realized the results anticipated from implementing Agile, Dewpoint can assist with trained, certified Agile experts.  Our services include the following:

  • Assess – Determine current Agile maturity through a rapid Agile assessment using industry-standard Agile best practices to produce findings and recommendations for Agile adoption.
  • Transform – Help your organization transform from your current mode of operations to Agile practices by enlisting our executive consultants and coaches, with integrated change management to deliver successful outcomes.
  • Train – From executive level down to role-based team levels, Dewpoint offers comprehensive training delivered by our executive consultants, Agile coaches, and Scrum Masters.
  • Run – Provide an independent view by working in conjunction with your team to execute Agile product development.  We offer flexible sourcing models from individual consultants to managed services.
  • DevOps – To realize the full benefits of Agile requires internal tools, processes and seamless integration with test/release and infrastructure operations.  Dewpoint experts can help accelerate DevOps outcomes.

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