Case Study | 2022

Michigan Virtual Prioritizes Improvements with IT Org Assessment

IT Assessment


Michigan Virtual (MV) is a 501(c)(3) organization located in Lansing, Michigan, and was established by the State of Michigan in 1998 to expand the use of learning technologies with a focus to serve Michigan’s K-12 community with quality online instructional services. Today, Michigan Virtual operates the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Insti-tute®, the Professional Learning Portal, and the Learning Services Student Learning Portal. The organization employs over 400 workers, with over half of these employees part-time instructors for our Student Learning Services unit.


Michigan Virtual issued a Request for Quote (RFQ) seeking an experienced firm to examine and evaluate its information technology operations, including related organization structure, skill sets, policies, and practices. The desired outcome of this work was a detailed evaluation and analysis cumulating in a final report with prioritized and clear recommendations. Specific areas to address were the information technology organizational structure (job positions for increased role clarity, necessary talent and skill sets, and existing gaps), recommended reporting structures, identifying gaps in policies and procedures and how to close the gaps and benchmark comparisons.


Dewpoint was competitively selected to perform the evaluation based on our prior experience, staff, and price. Our team consisted of an IT Assessment subject matter expert, Sr. solution architects, a security and network architect, and a project manager (PM). The Dewpoint team conducted 40 interviews and reviewed current documentation to assess each area. Furthermore, our PM provided regular updates to the MV Team.


Dewpoint produced an Assessment Findings and Recommendations Report with each of the findings categorized by governance, staffing, and service delivery. Each key finding included recommendations and also high-level steps to implement. We also had key benchmarks to compare current staffing levels to industry benchmarks. The report concluded with a prioritized roadmap to implement the recommendations.

In addition, Dewpoint presented summarized details to critical MV stakeholders to allow them to ask clarifying questions and make sure the report met their expectations.

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