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September 25, 2022

Keeping up with IT Demands

Are you struggling to keep up with IT demand and experiencing employee turnover? Is your IT talent not keeping pace with changes in technology? According to the 2022 Work Trend Index Survey by Microsoft Corp. “43% of workers said they were somewhat or extremely likely to consider changing employers in the current year, up from 41% a year earlier”. As the “Great Resignation” trend continues, maintaining a fully staffed IT team can seem impossible.

Professionals on Demand

We are here to help you meet your short or long-term needs.

CISO as a Service

Many mid-sized organizations don’t require a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Our team can provide an overview of your current cybersecurity environment, make recommendations and implement enhancements to make your environment more secure. We also help review or write cybersecurity policies to ensure your team follows industry standards. Finally, our security experts can offer suggestions for a cybersecurity training program (since the weakest link usually is your employees) and conduct testing on your systems to pinpoint weaknesses.

Project Management Professionals

Are you struggling to complete a project? Do you consistently face project overruns or miss deadlines? Having a project management professional review your approach to projects or assist your team in completing projects can get you back on track. We offer team(s) or individual(s) ranging from program managers to help with project dashboards, implementing best practices, and organizing your project teams to individual performers to supplement your current team. Furthermore, our business analysts are experts at facilitating requirements sessions, gathering requirements (to ensure your project team is working on delivering the “right” solution), and documenting business processes.

Organizational Change Managers

Are you implementing new processes or systems and finding your employees are continuing to use the “old” method or inventing workarounds? Driving your employees to embrace, adopt and use the change starts with a structured framework to support them through their change journey. Our Certified Prosci® Change Management Professionals use the industry-recognized Prosci® framework to actively partner with and coach your project teams and leadership to manage resistance and minimize productivity losses associated with change.

Digital Innovation Assistance

Taking advantage of current technology while “keeping the lights on” can be daunting. We offer application developers and specialists in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and PowerBI to help you on your digital innovation journey. Our application developers bring systematic processes to help you maintain your current application or for new development. Automating your manual, repeatable tasks through RPA offers increased efficiency, reduced errors, and the ability to move your staff to higher-value tasks. Finally, through PowerBI, we can help you better understand and manage your data through interactive dashboards and concise reports to drive business results.

Solution to your IT needs

As a company focusing on technology, we have trained, certified technical experts to help you with your IT needs. Contact us today to move your projects from in progress to finished!

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