October is Cybersecurity Month – We’re Here to Help Keep You Secure

October 1, 2022

See Yourself in Cyber

In 2004, the National Cybersecurity Alliance launched Cybersecurity Awareness Month in partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The campaign is a collaboration between the government and private industries to raise awareness about online security. This year’s theme is “See Yourself in Cyber.” It focuses on the people part of security. Taking simple steps to increase your organization’s security can dramatically improve it.

Cybercriminals target Michigan Companies

According to the latest article in CyberNews, “Threat actors can‘t get enough of US-based businesses, research by cybersecurity firm NordLocker revealed. A staggering 46% of all ransomware attacks impact businesses operating from the U.S.” Furthermore, “Small businesses are top targets for ransomware gangs because, for them, cybersecurity is often an afterthought.” Organizations in Michigan should also take notice. “Researchers have also found that the amount of attention states receive from cybercriminals differs. Michigan is the most affected by ransomware”.

Learn How to Protect Your Organization

This year’s cybersecurity month topics include:

  • Whaling phishing – what it is and how to avoid
  • How you can protect yourself from internet hoaxes
  • The importance of multi-factor authentication
  • Ways to secure your work and home environment

What You can do Today

Simple steps you can take today to increase your cybersecurity posture:

  • Remind your employees of the importance of password safety by following these guidelines:
    • Never share their password(s) with anyone
    • Frequently change their password (at minimum every 90 days)
    • Use a complex password (numbers, letters, symbols)
    • Don’t use the same password for multiple platforms. Unique passwords for each platform provide the best protection.
    • Perform vulnerability scanning and penetration testing to identify risks and prioritize remediation activities to reduce risk.
    • Engage an independent vendor (such as Dewpoint) to perform an I.T. security assessment of your overall environment. The evaluation provides a snapshot of your vulnerabilities compared to industry standards (CMMC or NIST) and a roadmap to increase your cybersecurity maturity level.

Additional Help

Come back to the Dewpoint Resource Center during the month for more cybersecurity topics and tricks and tips to keep your organization and employees cybersafe, or contact us today to start a conversation on cybersecurity.

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