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IT Security

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The world can change on a dime. Are you prepared?

Our Services

Our senior-level tech experts are certified and trained to deploy their security expertise on your company’s behalf. With extensive experience in real-world cyber threats, our security experts will help your business develop and operationalize the best security practices to cut down on overall risk. We prepare a holistic approach to your IT security, from assessing your organization, to providing a detailed view of potential vulnerabilities and incident response, to installing cutting-edge mitigation techniques.

IT Security Services


(Identifying Gaps)

An independent security assessment using the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Top 20 Critical Security Controls will help you locate possible gaps in your IT security ecosystem. We supply a plan of action to address these gaps to help lessen your exposure to risk.

Assess (Identify Gaps) in Security
Forensic Analysis (Assist with Security Breaches)

Forensic Analysis

(Assisting with Security Breaches)

If a breach occurs, we’re ready to help by analyzing the cause and supplying the exact steps to avoid incidents in the future.


(Reducing Security Risk)

Systematic training of your employees on phishing and general IT security procedures can lower your risk by 70 percent. Most hackers target employees as an easy point of entry into your organization’s IT systems. Dewpoint offers training programs to educate your employees to be security conscious.

Train (Reduce Security Risk)
Remediate (Implement Consistent Methodology)


(Implementing Consistent Methodology)

We provide trained consultants to develop and implement security controls, processes and procedures to protect your systems and data.

CISO as a Service

(Acquiring Security Now)

Are you struggling to maintain a Chief Information Security Officer to be sure your organization is meeting security requirements? If so, Dewpoint offers CISO as a Service (CaaS) to provide security expertise on an as needed basis.

CISO as a Service (Get Security Today)