The Most Common Cloud Migration Challenges

September 13, 2023

Navigating the Cloud

Migrating to the cloud offers scalability, agility, and innovation opportunities that traditional on-premises environments cannot provide. The cloud allows organizations to quickly adapt to market conditions in today’s rapidly evolving environment. However, these benefits include some common challenges.

Data Security and Compliance Issues

When it comes to cloud migration, data security and compliance are top concerns for IT leaders. IBM’s 2023 Cost of a Data Breach Report states that 82% of breaches involved data stored in cloud environments – most often in multiple environments, leading to increased costs 1. The report also found that cloud migration amplified the cost of a breach by over $218,000 over the US mean cost of a breach. 

Ensuring data security begins with a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s data landscape. Identify sensitive data, implement encryption protocols, and leverage access controls to limit data exposure. Additionally, partnering with cloud providers that offer robust security services and compliance certifications can ease the burden of maintaining a secure cloud environment.

Cloud Cost Management

Managing cloud costs is another critical challenge during migration. According to CloudZero’s data 2, cloud spending exceeded expectations in 60% of organizations, and 71% of organizations expect their cloud costs to increase. These figures underscore the importance of a well-thought-out cost management strategy.

To address this challenge, consider implementing cost-tracking and optimization tools. Leverage cloud provider cost management services, establish budget controls, and regularly analyze your cloud expenditures. Encourage your teams to adopt cost-conscious practices, such as shutting down unused resources and selecting appropriate pricing models.

Legacy Application Compatibility

Many organizations have legacy applications that are not inherently cloud-ready. Migrating these applications can be challenging due to compatibility issues. To tackle this challenge, consider a phased approach. Start by assessing your legacy applications to determine their compatibility with cloud environments.

You may need to refactor or re-architect these applications to make them cloud-friendly. Embrace containerization and microservices to enhance flexibility and scalability. Additionally, explore hybrid cloud solutions that allow you to maintain certain legacy systems while gradually transitioning to the cloud.

Application Performance and Latency

Application performance and latency are crucial to ensuring a seamless cloud migration experience. Slow or inconsistent performance can result in user dissatisfaction and operational inefficiencies. Conduct thorough performance testing and optimization before and after migration to address this challenge.

Utilize cloud-native tools and services designed to enhance application performance. Implement content delivery networks (CDNs), leverage edge computing, and optimize network configurations. Continuous monitoring and performance tuning are essential to maintaining optimal application performance in the cloud.

Cloud Cost Management

Are you ready to move to the cloud, but you’re not sure where to start? Or do you want to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck? Don’t let the challenges of cloud migration hold you back. Our experts are here to guide your cloud journey. Start a conversation today. 

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