Top Eight Key Reasons You Need to Review Your IT Security

July 8, 2020

Covid-19 has not stopped attackers from taking advantage of organizations who are not fully protected from cyber security threats.  Threat actors are leveraging Covid-19 and related topics in social engineering ploys. For example, the University of California recently paid over $1M in ransom following a cyber-attack. To maintain a strong security position, here are eight key reasons why your organization needs an IT Security Evaluation:

  1. Identify and locate vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, applications, and network.
  2. Perform gap analysis comparing your security program with specific regulations or frameworks.
  3. Establish a security maturity baseline to enable the plan to move up the maturity level.
  4. Review overall governance to make sure your IT security is part of the structure to quickly approve and adopt changes.
  5. Identify security related employee skill gaps.
  6. Better prepare to mitigate risk of future attacks.
  7. Help with finding the “right” tools to detect and prevent security attacks.
  8. Increase general awareness of security vulnerabilities.

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