Why IT Automation is Critical for Your Organization

April 13, 2021

IT automation provides your organization many benefits, including reducing costs, increasing employee productivity, and job satisfaction by focusing on high-value tasks and decreasing time to market.

The first step to start or continue on your IT automation journey is to understand your current level of automation to develop an automation plan.  Attempting automation initiatives without a baseline or plan can lead to automating areas that exceed your organization’s ability or add limited value to the Return on Investment or the end customer.

For most organizations, there are three distinct levels:

  1. First level – the organization focuses on using automation technologies to reduce costs and improve efficiency
  2. Second level – the organization starts to leverage automation to improve the speed of delivery and quality of service through standardization
  3. Third level – the organization focuses on increasing responsiveness to customer demands through an enterprise-wide investment in automation initiatives

Most organizations can benefit by focusing on the following areas for automation:

  1. Provisioning and orchestration
  2. Change and asset management
  3. Configuration management and patching
  4. Monitoring
  5. Security and governance

If you need assistance in starting or continuing your automation journey, Dewpoint has the people, processes, and tools to help. Contact us at www.dewpoint.com or email us at [email protected] so your organization can realize the benefits of automation today to save time tomorrow.

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